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How do you order the correct replacement parts?

Before ordering replacement parts, make sure you have the fan model and serial number.

Where can I find instructions to wire a motor on my fan?

The nameplate of the motor includes a wiring diagram. Wiring diagrams can also be found beneath the motor image in our Buy Parts section. Simply click the wiring diagram icon to view it.

Can I install a thermostat?

Yes, but only if the thermostat has a simple on/off operation. Please note: if the thermostat varies the amount of voltage delivered, it will damage the motor and void the warranty.

Can I install my whole house fan vertically?

Comfort Cooler (CC) series whole-house fans may be mounted vertically, however, the AS and CSS shutters will not function properly in the vertical position. We do not carry a ceiling shutter for vertical installation. Vertical installation instructions.

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Automation is Our Favorite Color


Parker Ionics VARI-FLO Series Powder Coating Booth

Parker Ionics VARI-FLO at Triangle Engineering

Triangle Engineering doesn’t paint by number, we paint by powder. Triangle Engineering is proud to utilize the Parker Ionics VARI-FLO Series Powder Coating Booth, an automated solution for powder-coating, on our production line.

Looks better. Lasts longer.

Powder coating is a finishing method that not only lengthens the lifespan of a product, it also greatly improves the appearance. Products are more durable with the polishing touch powder coating delivers-—something that spray or wet coating cannot quite achieve.

Just say no to HAP and VOC!

Lower in cost and less wasteful, powder coating is better for the environment, too. Our automated booth requires no hazardous air pollutants (HAP) and releases no volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Let’s talk color!

Steel Blue vs. Cobalt Blue

Bronze is out, and navy blue is in. We are changing the barrel color of our hardworking Heatbuster Series. We are still testing out the perfect hue for our top-of-the-line portable floor fans. Stay tuned for the unveiling!

We currently offer custom colors for many of our fan series. If your application requires a special color, contact us for an estimate. Quantity requirements and upgrade fees may apply.