About Us

Triangle Engineering, established in Houston, Texas in 1948, moved to Jacksonville, Arkansas (suburb of Little Rock) in 1974 to be positioned more centrally to help reduce freight costs to our customers. From our 300,000 plus square foot manufacturing facility we ship not only to the U.S.A. market, but also to numerous foreign markets including Europe, New Zealand, Australia, South America, Mexico and Canada.


Throughout the years, we have more than tripled our product mix, and have become the largest manufacturer of Portable Belt Drive (Heat Buster®) and Direct Drive (Portable CoolerTM) fans in the country. In addition to the complete line of portable barrel fans, we now manufacture Industrial Wall fans and shutters; Agricultural fans, shutters and discharge cones; High Velocity (JetAire®) fans for factories and golf courses; pedestal fans (Master Breeze®); whole house fans (Comfort Cooler® and Comfort Aide®); and general purpose exhaust fans.




Whatever your requirement – standard or special – contact our customer service department. We will be happy to work with you.

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